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Transition Your Career into the Mining Industry

Resume Writing Packages to help YOU get your First Mining Job even if you have no mining experience


Even if you have no mining experience, we are experts at upselling skills from existing jobs to demonstrate how you can transition these skills into the mining sector. We know what works, we know what doesn’t.

We have helped people from hospitality, construction, admin, small business, safety, management, retail, sales, defence and all sorts of backgrounds get their first role in the lucrative Australian mining industry. We are here to help you achieve success.


TRANSITION from another Career to MINING

These Resume writing services are suitable for those from ANY career background (including those with a variety of past roles) looking to transition their career into the mining sector.


TRANSITION from Defence/Military to MINING

We love writing for defence force personnel because most of the skills, training and experience can be very easily transitioned into the mining industry. However, we have also noticed that defence employees often have quite a poor initial Resume with quite a bit of irrelevant details. We tidy this up and upsell your great attributes. Achieving success is just a couple of clicks away.

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