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What is [eafl id=”2258″ name=”Coinspot” text=”COINSPOT”]

[eafl id=”2257″ name=”Coinspot” text=”CoinSpot is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange”] and one of the few exchanges that has never been hacked since it was founded in 2013. It is the first-ever Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange conferred the globally accredited ISO 27001 certification for its robust information security mechanisms.

Safe and Reliable Trading Platform

The [eafl id=”2259″ name=”CoinSpot” text=”CoinSpot “]platform provides a safe and reliable platform for trading (buying, selling, or exchanging) cryptocurrencies. The company has become the official member of the ADCA or the Australian Digital Commerce Association, a non-governmental agency known for its unputdownable commitment towards providing legal protection to its registered clients.


Best Crypto Exchange in Australia

The best cryptocurrency exchange in Australia, [eafl id=”2259″ name=”CoinSpot” text=”CoinSpot “]allows its registered users (individuals, Super Fund investors, and companies) to buy or sell cryptocurrencies (mainly Bitcoin) instantly. It also allows them to trade in the open market by speculating crypto prices and earning potential profits.

CoinSpot is licensed under the ‘Casey Block Services Pty Ltd ABN 19 619 574 186 and regulated under the highly governed financial sector in Australia to secure the exchange’s operations with its investors.

Why are you talking about COINSPOT on a Mining website?

Many of our clients are earning high incomes in the mining industry and are interested in creating wealth and abundance for their families and their future. Earning big $$$ on the mines is one way to achieve this.

The other way is to put your $$$ to work too create growth and wealth. Over 2 million Australians agree as this is the latest estimate of how many Australians are already investing in Crypto. We know that stacks of mining workers are already into Crypto and we have decided to help promote CoinSpot as a trusted source for those looking to grow wealth beyond their wages.


Why should I use COINSPOT?

Why should I choose CoinSpot? CoinSpot is the largest, most established exchange in Australia since 2013. CoinSpot offers Australia’s largest variety of digital assets with over 360 coins listed where users can buy, sell & swap benefiting from the lowest fees starting from 0.1%.
If you are interested in Cryptocurrency, CoinSpot is the perfect place to start.
How much money can I make?
Any type of investment carries risk – there is opportunity to make profit, but please be aware that you can also make a loss. In deciding to invest you should consult a financial adviser.

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