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Getting a Mining Job with Mining Giant BHP

BHP is one of the world’s largest mining companies, with operations spanning across Australia and beyond. The company has invested billions of dollars in Australian mining projects to extract minerals such as bauxite, iron ore, copper and coal. As a result, BHP employs thousands of people in a variety of roles related to its mining activities including engineers, geologists and logistics staff, trades – including Dump Truck Operators, Electricians, Safety Advisors, Mobile Plant Operators, HD Diesel Fitters and more – and hospitality support staff.

BHP provide stacks of mining jobs for Australians, looking at both direct jobs created by the company itself as well as indirect jobs supported by their presence.

The broad scope of BHP Australian Mining Projects

BHP currently operates an incredible 70+ mining projects throughout Australia that employ around 20,000 thousand workers directly involved in various aspects of production. This includes miners extracting resources from deep underground shafts up to surface extraction sites which are more prevalent due to recent advances in technology.

The five biggest mining projects currently underway by BHP are:

1. BHP Newman Operations

Located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Newman Operations consists of two mining sites and involves extracting bauxite from surface mines and deep underground shafts, providing employment opportunities for thousands of people in a variety of roles related to extraction and production. In addition to direct jobs created by the company itself there are also hundreds more employed indirectly through support services such as catering or transport providers who supply goods and services needed onsite for operations to run smoothly.

2. South Flank Iron Ore Project

BHP’s South Flank Iron Ore Project is also located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, and involves extracting iron ore from deep underground shafts.South Flank is an area of heritage and natural beauty, situated on the ancient lands used by the Banjima people for centuries. Nestled 156km away from Newman and a mere 9 km south of BHP’s Mining Area C facility in WA’s Pilbara region, it provides insight into Australia’s vibrant past.

3. Jimblebar Iron Ore Project

The Jimblebar Iron Ore Project is one of BHP’s biggest mining projects currently underway, and is an open-pit iron more located 40km east of Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Jimblebar iron ore mine is part of an impressive joint venture between BHP and Mitsui with ITOCHU involvement. The enterprise boasts five mines, four processing hubs connecting 1000 kilometres of rail infrastructure and port facilities all within Western Australia Iron Ore’s sophisticated integrated system.

4. BHP Queensland Mining Projects

BHP’s Queensland Mining Projects are a major contributor to the mining industry in Australia. The BHP Mitsubishi Allicance (BMA) is a powerhouse in Australia’s metallurgical coal industry, jointly owned by two leading conglomerates – BHP and Mitsubishi Development. With seven Bowen Basin mines to its name along with Hay Point Coal Terminal near Mackay, it’s the largest producer and supplier of seaborne metallurgical coal in the country. The nine Queensland mines are based throughout the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland and include Blackwater, Broadmeadow, Caval Rdige, Daunia, Goonyella Riverside, Peak Downs and Saraji. View Queensland Jobs with BHP here.

5. Olympic Dam Mine

The Olympic Dam Copper-Uranium Mine Expansion is located in South Australia. Olympic Dam is a Minerals Australia operation located far north of Adelaide, South Australia. This major mining site has full integration from ore to metal and operates both underground and surface operations in an area which was historically home to the Kokatha, Dieri, & Arabana people.

The impact of BHP in Australian towns and regions

The mining projects operated by BHP have had a significant impact on the employment landscape in Australia. This is evidenced by the number of regional towns that have seen an influx of new workers, many of whom are drawn to these areas due to the increased availability of jobs and opportunities for career advancement. As well as increasing employment opportunities for locals, these projects also bring additional revenue into affected regions which can be used to support infrastructure development and other local services.

How Can YOU Get a JOB with BHP?

BHP and their Australian mining projects have helped to create a vibrant job market in Australia and have had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people both directly and indirectly involved with their operations by investing billions of dollars into mining projects across Australia.

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