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Did you know Mining Recruiters look for these things when employing staff?

We have read and written mining Resumes for years. We’ve seen it all. From bad to worse and in-between! What we do know, is what employers and recruiters want to see when scanning a Mining Resume.

Make sure your Resume ticks all the boxes. Need help? Contact us and we will write you a Resume that will help you apply for mining jobs with confidence.

1.      List your licences, tickets and qualifications

Yes licences, tickets and qualifications are different. Create a heading for Licences and list the driving classes you are qualified for. Also make a note if you have a national police clearance.

Qualifications are your trade skills e.g. Certificate III in whatever you have completed at TAFE. Then under a new heading, list all your tickets such as Work Safely at Heights, Enter and Work in Confined Space.

Put all this info on page 1! If you put it on  the last page, there is a good chance they won’t even read that far.

2.      Employment references

Your references should ideally be from your most recent jobs. Always list their job title too. They should be someone that you reported to such as a previous supervisor, superintendent or manager. It is less useful to include a colleague or a personal references (also known as a character references). These will be disregarded.

We also do not recommend that you state ‘References available on request’. Employers like to have all the information at hand on your Resume. If you have references, list them.

3.      Looking to get your first mining job – past experience matters

Even if you are looking to get your first job in mining, there are many skills you can upsell to show you are a worthwhile candidate.

If you have any construction experience such as labouring, trades assistant, farmhand, delivery or truck driving, make sure you upsell these. Demonstrate a ‘can-do’ attitude and willingness.

If you are looking to get into the hospitality side of mining such as a Peggy, Housekeeper or Kitchenhand, you need to upsell any casual hospitality work. Put emphasis on your ability to maintain a clean environment and any use of cleaning chemicals, commercial cleaning equipment such as a commercial dishwasher etc.. is useful too.

4.      Should you include interests?

Yes and no. If your interests are music and reading books forget it. Interests can be useful if you are showing you are particularly good at something. For example, a Mechanical Fitter or Truck Driver might want to list an interest of restoring old cars. This shows a genuine interest in mechanics and mechanical ability.

5.      Can you work independently?

If you are the type of person that can work without supervision, make sure you put this in your Resume. Even better, if you have supervised others or helped train other people in the workplace, ensure you list this. This shows that you are responsible and capable. These attributes transition across into any role and are sought after by employers.

6.      Tidy up your social media accounts – yes employers do check!

Log out of your social media accounts and take a look at what you find when you search for yourself. Pics of you passed out or drunk will not be viewed favoruably and could cost you the job. Employers do check and if they don’t like what they see you will simply not hear from them.

Check it out and clean it up. This may include pics that others have tagged you on, not just those on your own profile.


We hope this helps. If you need assistance in writing a winning Mining Resume, get in touch today.