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Increase your job interview chances with a new Mining Resume

A professionally written Mining Resume is just a couple of clicks away. Over the years we have seen thousands of Resumes. Almost everyone thinks their Resume is a good one, even though they are applying for job after job with no success.


If this sounds like you, that is, you are applying for job after job and are not getting called up for an interview, then your Resume needs to be looked at. There is no point repeating what you are doing over and over without getting any results. That is simply frustrating for you and a waste of your time.


Spend Hundreds of dollars OR be smart and spend just $19.99

The answer? Well, you can get your Resume professionally custom written, however the cost to do this can range from $200 and up to an eye-watering $500, depending on which company you talk to. Alternatively, here at Instant Mining Resume, we have come up with the cheapest and most affordable way for you to get your hands on a professionally written Resume for just a fraction of the cost. At just $19.99 a New Mining Resume is a no-brainer.

Our Resumes are professionally written and customised for each particular job type. Some people liken it to getting a copy of your successful best friends Resume and being able to copy it.


Our templates are already being used by other professional resume writers!

In fact, these templates are in use by other professional resume writing services in Australia. When you contact them, and pay hundreds of dollars, they are using these very same templates and adding your personal details. Now, you have the opportunity to get your hand on one of these base templates for yourself and SAVE yourself hundreds of dollars. Even better, you will be able to have a crack and achieving the job seeking success that you are after.

Mine gold underground tunnel railroad

Cheapest Resume Writing Service for Mining Jobs in Australia

Imagine that for just $20 you could turn your fortunes around and land one of those lucrative mining jobs you have been chasing. It can be life-changing and ONLY $20. This is an amazing opportunity and is not offered by anyone else online. It is an absolute no-brainer.


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Why our Mining Resumes are winning jobs

Our mining resume writer has the inside knowledge of the perfect mix of great content and mining keywords that get Resumes past the resume scanning software. This is the first step that you need to pass. Without this, you are not getting anywhere and this is probably where you may be falling short right now.


We have solved this problem for you with our professionally written, job specific Mining Resumes that have the right format AND the right keywords for each job type.

Gold mining underground. Drilling and explosive works.

Professionally written Resumes and Mining Cover Letters that employers and recruitment agencies love

A well-written resume is your first step and usually the only way to land an interview with a mining company or mining recruitment agency. Our resumes are suitable for jobs in mining, oil and gas, civil and the construction sectors. Your winning Resume is your passport to success and the only way to get short-listed for an interview. Make sure your Resume is going to work for you.

Take action now. For $20 you can turn your life around. What are you waiting for?


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