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7 – Express Service (48 hours). Enjoy success FAST. 48 hours to a new professional Resume will help you hit the ground running. Please send an enquiry before purchasing.



Express Service – 48 hours (excludes weekends and public holidays)

Note: this is an add-on product to either a Standard Or Complex Resume Writing Service. This is not a stand alone product and should not be purchased by itself.

48 hours applies from the time you respond to the questions sent to you. The time does NOT commence from the point in time you make payment.

The process:

  1. You make payment, Mining Resume Writer is notified automatically straight away.
  2. Mining Resume Writer prepares questions for  you and sends via email. Normally this is within a few hours or at the very least, the same day (not on weekends or public holidays).
  3. Once you reply to the questions (the faster your reply the better), the clock starts ticking and your new Resume is guaranteed within 48 hours (again – excluding weekends or public holidays).