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Should You Have a One or Two-Column Resume? Pros and Cons.

Your resume is your first impression on potential employers. It’s not just about what you include in your resume but also how you present it. With the rise of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and AI-driven resume makers, the debate between one-column and two-column resumes has never been more relevant.

Understanding ATS Software

Let’s talk about ATS software. These systems are used by employers to scan, sort, and rank resumes. They look for keywords, skills, and educational background to identify the most promising candidates.

However, what many job seekers don’t realize is that the layout of a resume can significantly impact an ATS’s ability to read it. Unfortunately, two-column resumes often fall victim to these systems, getting poorly scanned or outright rejected due to format incompatibilities.

The Rise of AI-Driven Resume Makers

AI-driven resume makers have become a popular tool for job seekers looking for a quick and easy way to create a resume. These platforms often offer a variety of templates, including many two-column options, due to their modern look and space efficiency.

However, this convenience comes with a major drawback: many of these templates are not ATS-friendly, which can inadvertently harm your job application process.

In particular, in the mining industry where many of the large companies deploy ATS software, you are placing yourself at a disadvantage with a 2 column Resume layout.

Pros of Two-Column Resumes

So why do the two column Resumes exist then? Well, some believe that they can look modern and visually engaging, potentially standing out in a pile of traditional resumes. This may well be the case if your Resume is being read by a human. However, if it is going thru ATS software it is the CONTENT that matters.

Tw columns are space efficient, allowing you to fit more information into less space, making them attractive for those with extensive experience or skills. On the flipside, they can also look crowded and confusing with too much info stuffed into each page.

Cons of Two-Column Resumes

The biggest downside is their poor compatibility with ATS software. The divided structure can confuse the system, leading to significant portions of the resume being unread or misinterpreted.

In addition, trying to fit too much information on one page can make the resume look cluttered, reducing its overall readability.

AI Resume Makers’ Limitation

With AI signals the rise of AI written Resumes. These AI-driven tools are primarily offering two-column resumes and these could be limiting your chances before your resume even reaches a human reviewer.

In addition, AI writing tends to use the same old repeated phrases over and over. It will not be long before employers identify AI written Resumes and put them in the reject pile. After all, can the AI output really be believed? If everyone is saying the same thing, how do you stand out?

The Advantages of One-Column Resumes

Against the backdrop of these challenges, one-column resumes emerge as a clear frontrunner for several reasons:

ATS Compatibility: The straightforward, linear format of one-column resumes is easily navigable by ATS software, ensuring your qualifications are correctly scanned and interpreted.

Simplicity and Clarity: A one-column layout prioritizes clarity and ease of reading, making it simpler for hiring managers to quickly assess a candidate’s qualifications without distraction.

Customization and Personal Touch: Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of many AI resume builders, custom writing services can tailor a one-column resume to accurately reflect an individual’s unique skills, experiences, and professional style.

Why Custom Writing Services Are the Way Forward

Our custom writing service specialises in crafting one-column resumes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimised for ATS software.

By choosing a personalised approach, you benefit from a resume that highlights your unique skillset in a professional format with human writing, significantly improving your job application success rate.


Which will you Choose? One-column or Two-column?

While two-column resumes may offer visual appeal and space efficiency, their compatibility issues with ATS software are a problem.

With large mining and recruitment companies using ATS software to screen a large volume of applicants, you need to ensure that your Resume is in a format that can be automatically scanned. In fact large online job search website INDEED agrees and has written an article in support of one column Resumes. Read their article here.

At Mining Resume Writer we provide one-column resumes to maximise your chances of getting accurately scanned and shortlisted for the mining job opportunity you are seeking.

Are you ready to take your resume to the next level? Contact us today.