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Underground Mining: What tickets and qualification do you need?

Underground mining requires specialized skills and training to ensure safety and efficiency.

Some of the key skills and qualifications needed for underground mining include:

  1. Knowledge of mining methods and equipment: Underground miners need to have a thorough understanding of mining techniques, such as drilling and blasting, as well as the operation and maintenance of specialized equipment used in underground mining.
  2. Ability to work in confined spaces: Working underground means you will be often working in tight and confined spaces. Don’t work underground if you have a fear of enclosed spaces, otherwise known as claustrophobia.
  3. Communication skills: Underground mining often involves working in teams, so miners need to be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues and supervisors.
  4. Physical fitness and strength: Underground mining can be physically demanding, so you need to be in good physical condition and be able to lift heavy equipment.
  5. First aid and emergency response training: Underground mining carries risks, so training in first aid and emergency response procedures is very important.
  6. Knowledge of safety regulations: Underground mining has strict safety regulations, so miners need to be knowledgeable about these regulations and adhere to them at all times.
  7. Experience: Underground mining is a complex and challenging field, so employers often look for candidates with previous experience in mining or related industries. Roles that transition well into mining include those with a strong safety and procedural compliance focus such as the military, police, anything safety-related, construction trades, paramedics.

To work in underground mining, there are a variety of mining tickets and certifications that may be required depending on the specific role and company.

Examples of tickets and qualifications for underground mining:

  1. Underground mining induction: A basic induction course is typically required for all new employees working in underground mining. This course covers safety procedures, emergency response, and other key topics.
  2. Standard 11: This is a nationally recognized mining induction course that covers a wide range of safety topics related to mining, including working at heights, hazardous materials, and risk assessment. One popular website that provides Standard 11 training in Queensland is MyneSight Training. You can find their Standard 11 course information and registration page at:
  3. Working at heights: Underground mining often involves working at heights, so employees may need a ticket to Work Safely at Heights.
  4. Confined spaces: As mentioned earlier, working in confined spaces is also common in underground mining, so a ticket to Enter and Work in a Confined Space may be required.
  5. Machinery and equipment: Depending on the role, underground miners may need specific tickets for operating heavy machinery and equipment.
  6. First aid: As with any workplace, first aid training is essential for employees in underground mining and needs to be current.
  7. Electrical and mechanical certifications: Some roles in underground mining may require specialised certifications for electrical or mechanical work.

Specific mining tickets and certifications needed for underground mining will vary depending on the role and the mining company. It’s important to check with potential employers to see what certifications and qualifications are required for a specific job. The best way to do this is to check job advertisements on job platforms such as SEEK for the roles you are interested in and make a note of the essential tickets and qualifications required.

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