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If you have landed a great job in the mines, congratulations! If we  – the team here at Mining Resume Writer – have helped to get you there, we are very proud of our role in helping you achieve success ?

Next, you now need to figure out what to pack for your first FIFO swing! Again, we are here to help. Check out this list to help you get ready for your FIFO roster.

Fist up we recommend high quality carry-on luggage. Living the FIFO life requires sturdy luggage. We highly recommend Nomatic luggage (more on this amazing luggage below). Once you have some great luggage, use the handy checklist below to make sure you have remembered the important stuff!


Your FIFO Essential Packing Checklist

Personal Stuff

    • Personal toiletries (bring your own soap) and regular medication – Panadol and Nurofen are handy
    • Glasses if you wear them
    • Keep a printed copy of all your personal details such as emergency contacts, tax file number, banking details, superannuation numbers, copies tickets etc. just in case you need them.

Looking after your feet:

    • Good quality work socks and underwear
    • Casual clothes for the dining areas
    • Comfortable, steel capped boots
    • Tinea cream – your feet are likely to get sweaty and hot, the perfect conditions for tinea to thrive. Ask your chemist for the best cream to take with you.
    • Thongs to wear after work, trust me, your feet are going to want to breathe!
    • Small mat for next to the bed to wipe your feet on. Camps are dirty and dusty and you don’t want your bed full of grit.


    • Battery-operated alarm clock and a torch. Power outages can be common.
    • Laptop – stay connected, most sites have WIFI
    • Phone – most sites have Telstra coverage
    • Chargers

Day to day stuff

    • Washing powder so you can do some laundry
    • Plastic bag to put dirty clothes in
    • Coat hangers so you can hang up your clothes and keep them aired
    • A Turkish towel or sarong to hang over your screen door, this will allow breeze to come in but allow you to maintain your privacy.
    • Cash for drinks and snack food at the wet mess

General Stuff

    • A pen (always!) and notepad – these are always handy when traveling. Write down anything you forget or need and then remember to bring it next time!
    • If you are on night-shift, take a roll of alfoil for your window so you can block out light and sleep in the day.

What You Don’t Need

  • While at campsite, bed linen and towels will be provided in your room, so you don’t need to bring these.
  • Your employer should provide all PPE (apart from boots), if you are not sure, ask before you go.

What is the best travel bag for FIFO workers?

Don’t just throw everything in a duffel bag, life will become a mess. Get the best FIFO luggage on the planet at Nomatic. Thank me later!