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Women in mining, smashing it one job at a time

If you were wondering whether there is a role for women in mining, wonder no more. There are stacks of mining jobs for women. Jobs range from professional roles, to trades and to entry level jobs too.

If you are a woman and looking to get a piece of the action in the mining sector, read on, the future is bright.

Trade Jobs for Women in Mining

Driving jobs are particularly popular with women and these are great gender neutral roles. There are quite a few types of driving roles available on mine sites and these include Dump Truck Driving, Bus Driver, Truck Driver, Mobile Plant Operator and Road Train Driver. You just need the appropriate licence and a steady approach to the job.

As far as the other trades go, simply find out what tickets you need, what qualifications you need (if necessary) and go for it. Women in skill trades are quite under-represented but do not let that stop you. If you have the skills and physical fitness for the role, go for it.

Entry level jobs for women in mining

kitchen hand resume, mine site camp kitchen catering for mine site workersMost entry level jobs are suited to either men or women equally. As such, typical entry level jobs can be found in the hospitality sector. In particular this area can be easier to get your first job in the mines because you are likely to be able to transition work experience in the mainstream hospitality sector across to the mining and resources industry.

For example if you have worked in restaurants or cafes, then this type of experience can easily transition into the mine site kitchen and dining areas.

Typical hospitality roles in mining include being a Cook, Kitchen Hand, Peggy, Cleaner, Housekeeper, Catering Assistant and Utility.


Professional Jobs for women in mining

Female accountant in the mining sectorThis is a broad range of professional jobs for women in mining. Again, these are gender neutral roles that can be performed by male or female workers. Traditionally mining has been male dominated across the board, however this is definitely changing and in a professional capacity the gender equation is becoming more balanced all the time with more women coming on board all the time.

Women are landing roles in the mining sector (both on location and at head office) as Engineers, Geologists, Accountants, Finance roles, Job Safety Advisors, Human Resources, IT professionals and IT support, Production and Operations roles and in a range of administrative support roles.


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According to Workpac, females in mining only make up 15% of the mining sector, so there is still a long way to go to balance out the gender equation. The good news is that many companies are very aware of this and are actively seeking to employ more women. There has never been a better time to throw your hat into the ring and apply for a mining job!


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