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What You Need to Know about the Standard 11 and getting a Mining Job in Queensland

What is the Standard 11?

Standard 11 is a comprehensive Work Health and Safety (WHS) course that teaches workers about mine site safety, hazard and risk identification, job assessment, reporting, communications and more.

In Queensland, mine site workers MUST have a current Standard 11 to be allowed to work on a mine site. This is not a company regulation, this is a regulation required by the Queensland government. Mining comes with plenty of risks, so in order to make it as safe as possible for you and your work colleagues, it is in everyone’s best interest to have great safety knowledge.

Once you complete your training, your qualification is valid for 5 years after which you will need to undertake a training refresher.

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Do you need to do a Standard 11 course to work in QLD mines?

Yes! If you want to get a job in the Queensland mining sector, you MUST have Standard 11 training.

There are stacks of upcoming jobs in the busy Queensland coal mine sector. If you want one of these jobs, you must have completed this essential safety training.


How much does a Standard 11 course cost?

Do your research to get the best price. The initial two day training course is variable from place to place and can cost between $550 to $700.

A refresher course is only one day and is cheaper, but will still cost you around $300.

Again, do your research and make sure you get the best value. A great place to start is with the Queensland government website.


Who needs to have training?

The training covers safety and ‘best practice’ procedures to help keep you and other workers safe from injury and accidents at work on a mine site.

It doesn’t matter what type of Queensland mining job you have. This applies to trades, professionals, mining hospitality staff and bus/truck drivers. So whether you are an electrician, plant operator, plumber, fitter, mining engineer, cleaner, kitchen hand, admin staff, bus driver or truck driver or a mining engineer, you will need a Standard 11.


standard 11 mining jobs qld, coal miningWhat is involved?

You will need to have basic English skills in reading and writing. Training typically involves practical and theory based learning and takes 2 days. Click here for more information from the Queensland government about getting your Standard 11.


How Long is the certification valid for?

Standard 11 training is valid for 5 years, after that you will need to undertake refresher training.

Can I get Standard 11 training online?

The answer is Yes and No!

  • No – Your initial training MUST be done in a face-to-face environment.
  • Yes – Your Refresher can be partly done online, but there is still a practical component that you must still complete in person.


What do you learn in the course?

You will get a general overview of the mining environment and take a deep dive into the follow content areas:

  • Communicate in the workplace– use site communication equipment and systems.
  • Apply initial response first aid – assess and apply first aid, life saving and incident reports.
  • Respond to local emergencies and incidents– fire-fighting and prevention, emergency procedures, how to prepare and respond to emergencies.
  • Comply with site work processes/procedures – maintain personal well-being, complete reports and forms, access and use site safety procedures.
  • Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures – legislation, work process
  • Conduct local risk control – hazard identification and risk assessment.


TIP: Application Tracking Software is scanning every Mining Resume that they receive to ensure that workers have Standard 11 training. Make sure you list this on your Resume to help get you past the Applicant Tracking Software. If it is not listed on your Resume, you will NOT get short-listed and you will find yourself applying for job after job without success!!!


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